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About Us

TGAM-NY was founded in October 2021. The owner, Mr. Taurean S Gray, is a resident native of Buffalo, NY. After 2 years of study at ECC City Campus, Mr. Gray joined the United States Air Force as an Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Craftsman servicing fighter, cargo and refueling aircraft stateside and abroad. Following the completion of his degrees in Aviation Maintenance Technology (A.S. 2009), Criminal Justice (B.S. 2012), International Relations (M.A. 2013) and Business and Organizational Security Management (M.A. 2014), Mr. Gray was promoted to the Information Protection Office of 1st Special Operations Wing as a Security Management Specialist. 


Following this prestigious appointment, Mr. Gray continued on to the Arnold Engineering Development Complex - White Oak, an Air Force Hypersonic Testing Facility in Silver Spring, MD, where he served as the Chief of Security Operations for 7 years. A strong commitment to the well being of his ailing family following the pandemic has recently brought Mr. Gray home to the Greater Buffalo area.  He founded his business, TGAM-NY, to continue his service helping government, commercial and community agencies with procurement, acquisitions and security management services.

His personal mission is to bring his expertise and knowledge to the people in his community to help them grow their entrepreneurial endeavors through collaboration on contracts, procurement and services. 


Chief Executive Officer
Taurean Gray

17 years of experience with the United Sates Air Force, serving in various roles. Educated in Criminal Justice, International Relations, Business and Organizational Security Management, Project Management and Acquisition Management.


In his spare time, Taurean enjoys writing, watching sports, playing pool and bowling. 

Chief Strategic Officer
Jacqueline Gray

10 years of experience as a Licensed Social Worker serving communities of need in North Carolina, Maryland and New York State. Brings a unique and dynamic skillset with analytical and process management experience to the business.


Jacquie enjoys reading, playing video games and spending time with her family and dogs. 

Contract Acquisition Managers

Xzavier Gray

15 years of commercial and aircraft cleaning experience. Serving as Lead Technology Manager for TGAM-NY

Juli Gray

Serving as the Acquisition Management Supervisor for TGAM-NY


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Heather Millwood

Serving as the Administrative Support Specialist for TGAM-NY

Jaylon Harris

Serving as a Acquisition Management Specialist and Project Manager for TGAM-NY.

Marley Osterberg

Serving as a Administrative Support Specialist for TGAM-NY

Current Affiliates

REI in the Greater Buffalo Area

Automotive cleaning and detailing

Residential cleaning specialists

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Ariel (Avery) Gray

Social Media manager and T-Shirt Designer

Cassiel Gray

Apprentice and Jr. Social Media Specialist

Jason Sherman

Army Veteran, 20 years of computer and IT service experience. 

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